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JH21 Series Pneumatic Power Press Machine

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1. Fabrication Technology

  • Steel welded frame with high intensity
  • Germany Siemens main motor;
  • Combined dry pneumatic friction clutch and brake;
  • Gear pairs: oil bath lubrication
  • Six-face rectangle lengthened guide rail;
  • Rigid collapse-type insurance components;
  • JH21-16 / 25 / 25B / 45 manual adjustment die height, JH21-25 / 45: scale indication, JH21-63: digital display;
  • JH21-63 and above: electric adjustment die height with digital display;
  • JH21-45 electric adjustment die height (optional) with digital display;
  • The slider is equipped with a lifting balance cylinder (except JH21-25)
  • Imported dual solenoid valve;
  • JH21-160 and above adopt grease forced lubrication system;
  • Balance cylinder: manual Lubrication;
  • Set a group blowing device
  • Estun PLC controller;
  • Contactor, button and indicator of International brand;
  • Optional: air-cushion device, auto-feed shaft device, photoelectric protection, and various automated equipments;

2. Standard Configuration:

  • Germany Siemens three-phase asynchronous motor
  • Shanghai YUYI dry clutch
  • Taiwan KingAir hydraulic Insurance Component
  • Japan TACO dual Solenoid valve
  • Kunshang Yuxi display
  • Zhejiang Yuxiang lubrication system with electric lubrication pump
  • 45T and below is mechanical cam, above 45T is electronic cam
  • S78 series is equipped with Beijing Jinzhuli damping cushion
  • France Schneider electrics
  • Chinese high-performance pedal switch, movable console
  • Estun PAC300 PLC controller

3. Safety Standard:

  • Schneider electric (safety grade 4)
  • Rear metal safety fence, line with CE standard
  • Safety relay monitor pedal switch, safety protection.
  • Chinese high-performance pedal switch, line with safety standard

4. Estun PAC 300PLC controller

  • Auto-expanded input and output channel according to actual needs, upmost up to 40 logic input channels and 40 output logic channels
  • Touch screen operation and customizable interface provide a good human-computer interactive interface
  • Upmost support 20 channel electronic cam/cutting and programmable DM
  • Auto dead- point compensation function
  • Can restore 10 sets die database
  • Die Counting function
  • Various lubrication ways
  • Dual-channel tonnage monitoring function
  • Two overload treatment methods, compatible with overload safety valves of majority of machines
  • Frequency converter control function
  • Can be equipped with input and output interface (optional)
  • Abnormal brake alarm function
  • Upper dead-point over-stroke hardware and software dual protection
  • Adopt rotating transformer for detecting angle, and improving machine reliability (such as: vibration resistance, impact resistance, high accuracy)


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