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JE25 Series Open Back Double Point Press Machine

Item No.: JE25-100T
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JE25/JH25series open back double point press with high performance

◆    Welded body with steel plate and high intensity.

◆    Suitable for multiple dies automatic line and multi level dies continuous punching.

◆    Double crankshaft pitmen totally eliminating side forces by rotation.

◆    Combined wet multi discs friction clutch and brake.

◆    Cluster gear adopts the flooding oil lubrication.

◆    Six-face rectangle lengthen guide.

◆    Equipped with hydraulic overload protecting device.

◆    Adopts electric shut height adjustment with digital display.

◆    Equipped with lifting balance cylinder.

◆    Duplex valves imported.

◆    Electric compelling grease lubrication system.

◆    Balancing cylinder adopts manual lubrication system.

◆    One set of blowing device.

◆    Controlled by PLC with international brand.

◆    Buttons, indicators, AC contactors, air circuit breakers and other controlling devices are imported from international brand.

◆    Equipped with optional air cushion device , photoelectric protector,which can used to work with various automatic equipments.

◆    Ⅰtype specifications is for standard product, Ⅱtype specifications is for customized  product.

◆    JH25 series adopts combined dry friction clutch and brake, fixed stroke , the other specifications are the same as J25 series.


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