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Mr.Cuong & Mr.Lam with their customer from Vietnam visited TMA Machine

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Update time : 2017-08-10 13:50:18
On July 31st,Mr.Cuong and Mr.Lam also with their customer from Vietnam came to visit our factory. Arrived at our factory, we probably talk about the machines they required before.Then we go to TMA work shop to check our power press. When seeing the machines,our manager Bonnie and our engineers introduced our JH21-400T, JH21-250T,JH21-160T & JC21 series power press to them and tried our best to solve their any doubts. Finally,we go to our office to discuss the production steps of their molds and after checking their drawing of molds,our engineers give them special working steps about how to produce their molds until they don’t have any other questions and worries .
After they leave,they also said,our quality & price of power press is pretty competitive compared with other their price offer.
TMA Machine know clearly about what customers want,the most important thing is to support our customers to solve their doubts.

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